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Q & A with Bumpiingtours:

Q: How many people tour per group.
A: We tour with 12 people per vehicle/group.  This gives our tours a private feel even if you are in part of a group.

Q: Is there a minimum you tour with.
A: Yes, the minimum is 6 but it's not caved in stones.

Q: Will we be on a big bus with 20 or more people.
A: No, We only use a big bus when it's requested by a large group of 20 or more.

Q: Are the people listed on your site the only ones who works with Bumpiingtours.
A: If you are not in the presence of Levi, Garry, Kelvin, Chris or Kashma, most likely you're not with bumpiingtours. We also use a close friend (Rosaline) but when we do, we will inform.

Q: How many vehicle does your company use on a tour and are they air-conditioned.
A: We use 3 vehicle, sometimes 4 (maximum) and they are all air-conditioned.  We do not put you on the next vehicle we see the roadside. Since we try to make our tours as personal as possible, we keep our vehicle fleet small.

Q: Do you wait to get others to fill your vehicles.
A: No, we do not.  We only tour with people who are booked/confirmed with us.  If someone who has booked a tour brings along friend and there's an opened seat, we will take that person but we do not go looking for others to fill the vans.

Q: Do we have to deposit to reserve a tour with your company if we are on a cruise ship.
A: No you do not have to send us a deposit, if for any reason your ship cannot make it scheduled stop on Dominica, you do not loose any money.

Q: What time does your tours begin.
A: There are 3 scheduled time.  If your ship dock at 8am, we leave at 9am, if the ship dock at 7am, we leave at 8am.  Ships docking at 9am and 10am or later, we leave within 30 minutes after the ship dock.  For stay over visitors, we leave at 9am from your hotel. 

Q: Can we call to book a tour.
A: Yes you can, but we would want to send an e-mail, since we want everyone to read the description of the tours in full.

Q: Are there any hidden fees you do not tell us about.
A: There are NO hidden fees.  

Q: How do we meet with your company if we arrive on a cruise ship.
A: Once the tour is booked and confirmed, we will send you directions to meet with us.  You do not have to take a taxi to meet with us, we are always at the port where your ship will be docking.

News & Updates

December 7th 2011

Guests on ships docking at Woodbridge Bay, we kindly ask you to walk out from the port area, and head for the exit gate to aviod any delays. There are times the ships will dock at a different port and we might not send an e-mail before you leave for you cruise.  For those who have had this experience, we sincerely appologise.  

December 6th 2011

Any who are trying to get t us using the email on the Trip Advisor site, this is not our email address and emails to this address does not come to us.  Please use the contact form on our site, if you do not get a response within 48 hours, this means your email did not reach us, please try a direct email to either of the addresses below.  levibaron@bumpiingtours.com or penny@cwdom.dm .

October 23rd 2011

- We have now made Champagne reef our first stop on the Roseau Valley Treasures.  This was done for two reasons:
1. This will give us enough time to allow the organized tours to use Trafalgar falls.
2. The water is normally clearer and more calm at champagne reef in the mornings.

- All tours going out on ships arriving at 7am and 8am, your tours will start at 9:00am.  If there are any changes you will be informed once you have a booked tour with us.

- Arriving at 9am or later, your tours will begin 30 minutes after the ship is docked.

October 3rd 2011

- Government took a decision to allow the organized tours to visit Trafalgar falls before all other tours, as a result we will now go to Trafalgar falls last on all our tours. 

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