Explore the Depths and Heights of Paradise
DOMINICA - "the Nature Island of the Caribbean"

Airport Service

We take you to/from our 2 airports:

located on the outskirts of the capital Roseau, a driving time of 10 to 15 minutes from the capital.

Melville Hall, located on the north eastern side of the island, a driving time of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from the capital city of Roseau.


Estimated times:

Roseau to Canefield :   15 minutes

Canefield to Portsmouth:  1 hour

Roseau to Melville Hall :  1 hr 30

Melville to Portsmouth:  45 minutes

Wedding Arrangements

Is it your desire to get married on a tropical island?  We are here to make is possible for you.  Just tell us what you desire.  Give us the dates and details.  We will do the rest to make that dream day possible for you.


Government Regulations

  1. At least one member of the party must be in Dominica for a minimum of two (2) days prior to the ceremony. A passport must be produced for inspection.
  2. Birth Certificates are required. Not Baptismal.
  3. Completed application form “G” must be signed by both parties and witnessed by a magistrate.
  4. Each party before a Commissioner of Oaths must sign a completed declaration form. $5.00 postage stamp must be affixed to each form and marital status form.
  5. If married before, decree of divorce or death certificate of former spouse must be produced.
  6. A license fee of $300.00 must be paid on submission of above-listed documents.
  7. Prospective spouses are advised to seek the advice of suitable counsellors.


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