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DOMINICA - "the Nature Island of the Caribbean"
Cruise Ship Visitor Tours
Cruise Ship Visitors have been asking for shorter tours so I've taken the initiative to put together some of the most exciting tours to accommodate them. I continue to do my best, along with my guides, to make your short stay on our Island as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.  We provide our guest/visitors with some of the best hiking and tours in Dominica.

If you would like to modify a tour, it is possible, just let me know what combination you wish to visit.

Please note the following:

  • Site passes will be provided to all sites where required.

  • You should be in good physical health to attempt hike/tours with more than 1.5 hours walking.

  • A good pair of hiking shoes will be needed for hikes.  A good pair of strapped sandals would be okay for tours with less than 1.5 hours walking. Keen or Merrill with toe support. (for longer hikes eg. Middleham falls)

  • Whether touring as a group or privately, you have the option to modify any of the tours.

  • There can be a stop at Mr.Nice fruit stand on all tours which includes the Emerald Pool, Spanny Falls and the Carib Reserve.

  • There will be local beers ( KUBULI ) softdrinks (Quenchi) and bottled spring water on all the tours.

  • We tour with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people per vehicle.

  • Discounts are given to large groups of 20 or more persons. If you don't see anything listed that appeals to you, PLEASE EMAIL for more info. We'll be happy to design a day around YOUR WISHES.


Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens Trafalgar Falls and Emerald Pool. 

The duration of this tour is about 4.5 - 5 hours, with about 1 hour walking, combined.  Twenty to thirty (20 -30 ) minutes total  to both the  Emerald pool and  Trafalgar Falls , 5 minutes to the sulphur springs.


Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens,  Trafalgar Falls , Titou Gorge & Champagne reef.

The duration of this tour is about 4 - 5.5 hours, with a  about 35 - 45 minutes walking combined.



Middleham Falls, Titou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls.

Depending on how long the hikers take to the Middle Ham Falls, Morne Bruce can also be done.

The duration of this tour is about5.5 - 6.5 hours, with about 2.5 hours walking, combined.

* Champagne Reef can also be done, once our guest wants to.


Enjoy snorkeling at one the most unique snorkeling areas in the world.  Snorkel at Champagne, where you will be swimming in bubbles.  Swim with the fishes in a giant natural aquarium.  Take a 20 minutes drive from Champagne to Soufriere where you will enjoy a peaceful rest as you soak in therapeutic water.

 The duration of this tour is 3.5 to 4.5 hours with about 1hr 20 minutes driving and 15 minutes easy walking.

*  One could also take a 15-20 minutes moderate walk from the spas to the Soufriere Hill volcano


Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens and Fresh Water Lake.

This tour is for those who can't or do not want to do any walking.  You can take a scenic drive to part of the Islands Rain Forest, enjoying what the Island has to offer.

The duration of this tour is about 3.5 hours. It's great tour for those who wants to see part of the island but wants to do little or no walking.



Sari Sari Falls, Emerald Pool, Spanny Falls and Jacko Falls.

The duration of this tour is about 6 - 7 hours, with about 3 hours walking, combined.


Emerald Pool, Spanny Falls and Jacko Falls.

After coming from the interior ,we could take a five minute drive to Morne bruce and the Botanical Garden (optional)

The duration of this tour is about 4 - 5 hours, with about 1 hour 15 minutes walking, combined.



Carib Reserve, Emerald Pool

The duration of this tour is about 5.5 - 6.5 hours, with about 10 - 15 minutes walking to the Emerald Pool one way, and 10 minutes combined to Jacko Falls.


PEDU TEMPS TRAIL (pumps resident) (HIKE) (exclusively on Bumpiingtours)

This is not your everyday tour.  Take a 1-1.5 hour walk each way deep inside the rain forest crossing a number of rivers/streams, to one of the most unique and peaceful areas on the Island.  You will be treated to a local meal prepared with no mordern appliances (mainly organic).  Eat fresh fresh fruits straight from the trees and learn all about the exotic herbs and fruits.

The duration of this tour is 5.5 to 6 hours, with about 3 - 4 hours  walking, combined. (Max 8 people).

This tour can only be done with Bumpiingtours.

For anyone who would like to go to the beach (Mero) or to snorkel ( Champagne Reef ), at least one of those can be added to most of the tours listed or can be done separately
Contact us for more details.

*There are other tours which can be done, Check out the Tours main page for more details.

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